Wills & Estates

Navigating the complex legal issues involved with wills and estates can be a frustrating, emotional and overwhelming experience. Rella Paolini Rogers will simplify the process for you and your loved ones with sound legal advice and estate planning. We can help organize, preserve and protect your estate in the event of your passing. We can also can prepare applications for grant of probate and ultimately transmit the estate to your beneficiaries.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Drafting and preparing a last will and testament
  • Drafting and preparing powers of attorney
  • Drafting and preparing representation agreements
  • Preparing estates for probate
  • Making an application to vary a will if you are entitled to a share of a deceased person’s estate as a surviving spouse or as a child of the deceased person, or if you are challenging the capacity of a person to make a will

Note: We provide set fees for services such as basic last will and testament, basic powers of attorney and basic representation agreements.