Client – January 2015

In March of 2013, I was in a motor vehicle accident and my life came to a halt. At first I was not sure if I would require a lawyer, but as things progressed I realized that I definitely needed expert advice.  It was then that I called Rella, Paolini and Rogers, and that was the BEST call that I could ever have made.

The lawyer and all staff have been very attentive to my needs. My very first consultation with the lawyer made all the difference in the world and I felt much more confident in how to deal with whatever came next during the journey to post-accident recovery and settlement. What impressed me most was how ‘time’ was taken to explain the process, and in terms I could understand. I was given, in detail, what was expected of me, what the timelines may look like, what their role was in the process. I was also given information on other similar cases and what final outcomes looked like so I could formulate my own questions and answers. We met frequently to ‘check in’ on my prognosis and how I was doing through my rehabilitation. We discussed the step-by-step processes that were being completed on my behalf by the lawyer and staff. I always felt heard and never felt rushed when our meetings took place.

When it came time for the discussion of settlement, my lawyer again explained in detail the process, he allowed me to ask any questions and he, in turn, asked me questions. He was completely honest with me when it came time to discuss the settlement in terms of what was the ‘norm’ for my type of injury, what I could do if I was not happy with the offer, and pro and cons to accepting the final amount of settlement.

My file has been completed and things for me continue to move forward. I feel very confident that I would not have had the ability to manage the discussions and advocate for myself, as there were so many things that I learned through the process of working with my lawyer that really put me at ease each time we met and affirmed my original decision that a lawyer was required. I do and will continue to refer the law firm of Rella, Paolini and Rogers to anyone that is in need of representation. They truly are a firm that works with the client to support, represent and negotiate to the best of their ability for an outcome that is best for their client.

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